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Helle I am here posting a Tour description for a new 2013 bicycle tour in Israel, which is going to be a mix between History, Religion and a very Scenic tour. Please take a look at the tour below and feel free to contact me at any time for more info.


Join us for an Fantastic 7-days Odessey through the Historical,Biblical and Scenic Israel, from the Metropolitan City of Tel Aviv to the Holy City of Jerusalem,.Expenrice the feeing of descending on a bicycle to The Dead Sea (the lowest point on Earth 423 m. below Sea level) to Ein Gedi and (climb) Masada Mountain ( nearly 400 m high). Bicycling to the City Arad and to Mitzpe Ramon

Makntesh Gadol og Makhtesh Katan ( the Grand Ganyon of Israel).

Bicycling ”down- hill” to Kibbutz Neot Smadar at the Shizafon Junction in the Negev (30gr.2 54 N 35gr. 0 51 E).

Heading East again to the border of Jordan and South to the Timna Park and the City Eilat.( Most Southern City in Israel).

  1. Day, Tel Aviv – Jerusalem. 67,8 Km.
    Meeting at the Old Jaffa Hostel for a short briefing about the Tour at 06;00. Start bicyclinng towards Jerusalem on the road 44 leading straight out of Tel Aviv and joining the trail of Israel (Isra Trail), which we will reach close to the City Modiin and bicycle the rest of the way to Jerusalem ,through the beautiful forest area of Bet Shemesh 30-km. South- West of Jerusalem and enter the Holly City Jerusalem from the South. Here we will bicycle straight to Jerusalem Hostel at Jaffa Road, just a 10-min. Bicycle ride of Jaffa Gate entrance to the Old City.After check- Inn we will walk for dinner in the Old City and make a short sight- seeing. Aprox 70,0 km. Stops for lunch and a few breaks for water and snacks. Moderate with some small hills and climb up to Jerusalem from Bet Shemesh Forest.(800 – 900 m.above sea level).

  2. Day Jerusalem – Dead Sea,Graben (Ein Gedi), 81,0 km.
    After breakfast we will meet at 07;00 for a short briefing about the tour and bicycle out of Jerusalem North-East towards The Dead Sea and the boarder crossing to Jordan, King Hussain Bridge. With Jordan on our left side we will bicycle South towards Kibbutz Ein Gedi and Ein Gedi Hostel with the beautiful view of The Dead Sea. This is quite a dessert area so we are going to fill up our water bottles with bottle water. We will check in at the Hostel and see if we are up to take a swim in The Dead Sea. We are going to dinne together and make a short briefing about the tour and the continuing tour the next day.

  3. Day. Ein Gedi – Masada – Arad, Dead Sea. 62,0 km.
    After breakfast we will be on the road again at 07;00 and bicycle Sourth along the Jordan boarder to Masada. 20- km. Here we will take a break and take the cable car up the mountain top nearly 400- meter high. We will spend around 1- Hour on the top and will walk down and continue to the City Arad for the night. After check-In we will enjoy our dinner in the restaurant and make a short briefing about the bicycling day of tomorrow.

  4. Day. Arad – Yerucham - Sde Boker , Negev. 73,3 km.
    We will enjoy our breakfast together and head out on the road at 07;00 to bicycle South through the City Yerucham ( 520 m abowe sea level) and Sde Boker, the City where the family Ben Gurion are burried. (First Prime Minister of Israel)
  5. Day. Sde Boker – Ein Avdat (Canyon) - Mitzpe Ramon.40,0 Km.
    We will get ready for this short day, around 40 km after breakfast and a short briefing at 07;30 and get on the road South with a stop at Ein Avdat National Park .just South of Sde Boker.
    In Mitzpe Ramon we will check- in at the Hostel, City Center. We will take a view of the breathtaking area from above the canyon and bicycle down into the canyon and make a shot ride.

  1. Day. Mitzpe Ramon – Neot Smadar. 87,0 Km.
    Going Down to Eilat, is somehow a right saying in Hebrew because the feeling from now on reaching Eilat is somehow as going downhill. We will bicycle on the road #40 leading from the North to the South, through the Negev, with a few breaks on the way. On our right side we will bicycle along a lower Mountain range with Sinai on the other side. (approx. 15 km away). We will check-In to the Eco friendly Kibbutz in the South Negev, known for its Eco production of vegetables and wine. We will take a look at the winery and the Kibbutz art center.

  2. Day. Neot Smadar – Eilat. 62,0 Km.
    The last day on the road before reaching Eilat. We will be on the road at 07;00 after breakfast and continue down to road #90 along the boarder to Jordan, for heading South to the Timna Park, Here we will take a break and see the park for around 1-Hour and continue together to Eilat.. Here we will check in to Eilat Hostel, with a view of the Aquaba Gulf and Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Sinai (Egypt) surrounding us.
    We will go out for dinner together in Eilat (with or with-out the bicycles ).

PRICE NIS 5595,00 Sheckel. USD 1500,00 EUR 1134,00

Payment: 25 % at sign-up and 75 % full at the start of Tour.

Max. 12 bicycle riders, for more safty on road as well as off.

Language, English , Danish

Bicycle Tour includes following;(Itineraty)

  1. 6. nights in Hostel or accommidations as such..
  2. 6 days of breakfast at the Hostels
  3. Insurrance for the whole bicycle tour, from a known Israeli insurrance company.
  4. Water and fruit on the road.
  5. Fully equiped Mountain Bike, including a bicycle helmet.
  6. Following van, to transport our luggage from Hostel to Hostel.
  7. Pick up bus from Eilat Hostel to brings us back to Old Jaffa Hostel/ around 380 km)

What is Not include in the Bicycle Tour

  1. Lunches and dinners for 7- days.
  2. Other beverages than water on route and extra snacks.
  3. Air ticket to Israel and return ticket.

Contact information in Israel


13 Amiad Street Tel Aviv, Jaffa Israel

Tony Bruun Madsen

Cell: +972 (0)54 311 9004

e-mail; adventure.equipment@gmail.com

    Update: Jaffo 08.01. 2013

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